What We Do

We accomplish our mission through hands-on workshops, classes, hackathons, and events that empower women to pursue computer science. Although we are based in NYC, our impact is nationwide as we have programs running across the country. We offer support to young women ranging from elementary school to college students and beyond.

Your donation helps us improve our programs, providing more support for girls in underprivileged areas.

Web Dev Camp

We hosted a 3-session Website Development Camp for middle school girls in the greater Philadelphia area. We taught the students about HTML and CSS while helping them create their own websites. The camp took place January 13th, 20th, and 27th from 1-5pm.

ByteHacks 2017

ByteHacks is our largest event, with a total impact of 300+ women and 165 in-person attendees. ByteHacks is a 24-hour long hackathon that took place last June at Spotify NY. The hackathon offered 2 days of workshops, mentorship, and hacking for social impact. See the winners on our Devpost page.

Connect With Us

If you would like to attend any of our future events, connect with us through social media or email so we can add you to our events mailing list! We are hosting a Machine Learning workshop in September and an 8-week web development camp starting October.